Standard Package

3 Room Package---$6588

4 Room Package---$6988

5 Room Package---$7288

All Prices Inclusive of GST


Design Services

  1. Design consultation & space planning

  2. Design proposal & perspective drawing

  3. Proposal of materials,colors & accessiors

  4. 3D visual perspective presentation

  5. Project management/site inspection/work schedule

  6. 5 years warranty with guarantees after sales service

Carpentry Works (Up to 3meters ceiling height)

  1. Design & fabricate 6ft TV feature wall with suspended TV console in laminate finishing 

  2. Design & fabricate 6ft full height casement storage cabinet in laminate finishing

  3. Design & fabricate 3ft full height casement shoe cabinet in laminate finishing

  4. c/w ABS trimming doors solid ply doors

  5. c/w soft-closing hinges

Ceiling works

  1. Supply labour and materials to intall covelight box at living room (40ft)

Eletrical Works

  1. Supply labour to install all ceiling lights

Painting Works

  1. Supply labour and materials to paint whole house using NIPPON vinilex 5000 (up to 5 colors)

  2. Supply labour and materials to paint whole unit door frames & pipes lines using NIPPON gloss paint.

  3. Supply labour and materials to do full painting protection to protect whole house

Miscellaneous Works

  1. To provide haulage of building materials.

  2. Supply labour to cleaning of debris of renovation site.

  3. Supply labour and corrugated paper to protect existing flooring

  4. Supply labour to do general cleaning upon completion of works